Alexander Odishelidze

A Russian/Georgian born in Belgrade, Serbia, Alexander Odishelidze survived the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia and the Holocaust. Despite losing his family and being shipped to refugee camps in Europe, Odishelidze grew into a strong, intelligent, and driven man. Immigrating to America with no grasp of the English language, no friends, and only twenty dollars in his pocket, he was drafted into the US Army, where he trained in Alaska and became an expert skier.

After the Army, Odishelidze began his career in financial services and became the youngest ever general manager of a prestigious MONY financial services operation in New York City. In 1971, he opened an insurance and securities operation in Puerto Rico. It was later purchased by Aetna. He also formed Eba, Inc. in 1979, as a Puerto Rican-based consulting subsidiary, and in 2008, Omanagement, LLC, a US-based financial and political consulting firm.

As a guru in his field, Odishelidze writes columns, newsletters, and books on finance. He and his wife Odette Bouret spend their time between their homes in Florida, St. John, and Colorado.

Me next to Vice President Al Gore and others at lunch
Me, US Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, and Major General Felix Santoni
Senator Tom Daschle and Me
Senator Jay D. Rockefeller and Me
Odette, Me, Representative Bob Lagomarsino and his wife Norma. Wife of former head of OPIC,
Mrs. Lura Hills and Melba Fugueroa Esq. at her home in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
“Ski Instructor” Me and Representative Carolyn Maloney and her family

Me, President Joe Biden, Luis Costas, Ken McClintock, and Carlos Chardon

Me and Senator Jim Inhofe
Senator Hillary Clinton and Me
Me at a book signing
President Clinton, Me, and others

Me and Senator Trent Lott

Attorney General Janet Reno, Me, and guest
Me and General Wesley Clark
Odette, Representative Loretta Sanchez, and Me
Representative Dick Gephardt and Me
Representative Steny Hoyer, Odette, and Me
Me, Mrs. Vicky Kennedy, and Senator Ted Kennedy
Me and Harvey Keitel

Me, Odette, Howard Hills, Representative Bob Lagomarsino and his wife Norma

Representative Carolyn Maloney reading my book